✓ Believe

✓ Hope

✓ Imagine

“When pure sincerity forms within, it is outwardly realized in other people’s hearts.” - Lao Tzu

Carissa’s passion for humanity-healing was birthed inside her infant body. As a child, she was known for her deep empathy. Devoted to witnessing the world and gathering wisdom, she spent years traveling. While learning about and loving people from around the globe it became evident that pain captures all walks of life. Physical pain. Emotional pain. Mental pain. Spiritual pain.

Carissa’s connection with Traditional Chinese Medicine embodies her expansive values and purposeful priorities in life. Her studies of ancient knowledge were built upon the theory that we are interconnected with nature. The essence of these timeless teachings allows individuality to be wholesomely honored.

The foundation for this system of health embraces you, precisely, as you are. It dedicates listening, understanding, and genuine customization for treatment protocol.

TCM recognizes that illness simply means imbalance.  TCM rejoices, with serenity, that healing is encrypted within us.


“To be worn out is to be renewed.” - Lao Tzu

Following trauma and anorexia, Carissa became ill with hypothyroidism, depression and severe food allergies in her early teenage years. Acupuncture was the original compass that redirected her mind, body and soul back toward the journey of health.

Throughout the following years, she connected deeply with her graceful Reiki Master who reignited the fire from within. She embraced additional modalities such as crystals, pendulums, affirmations and meditation.

Intrigued by philosophy for as long as she could recall, accumulation of travel enhanced her spirituality and quest for high-quality living. From the profound essence of the Maori tribe of New Zealand to the timeless peace of India, cultural wisdom resonated with curiosity and excitement.

Two months into her Acupuncture program, Carissa attended an educational tour to China where she was captivated to view textbook modalities brought to life from the pioneer practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Carissa was encoded with emphasized morals that anything worth doing deserved complete investment. Along with dedication to academics and clinical experience, she received weekly treatment to observe results firsthand. Acupuncture helped -significantly- with PMS and delayed menstruation, headaches, jaw pain, muscle ache, heartbreak, insomnia, anxiety, depression and trauma.

The word “Shen” means ‘Spirit of the Heart’ in Chinese. It is said to be the light which we admire in another’s eyes. On numerous occasions, Carissa found the courage to *believe, hope, imagine* because of the glow from another caring being. She decided to name her wellness clinic “Sacred Shen” in hopes to pay that privilege forward, forever.

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the world calls a butterfly.” - Lao Tzu


“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” - Lao Tzu


Acupuncture & Chinese herbal remedies date back more than two thousand years

“TCM Acupuncture” was founded upon the dual relationship between Yin and Yang. It outlines (and aims to respect) that everything in the Universe consists of complementary, yet, opposing elements. Yin and Yang are interdependent, one simply cannot exist without the other. Both are in constant motion; as one changes, the other follows. When a person is balanced, these changes flow like a river. However, because they are mutually consuming, if a person has underlying disharmonies it will lead to obstruction or illness.

TCM categorizes “imbalance” in 4 ways:

  • Yin Deficiency
  • Yin Excess
  • Yang Deficiency
  • Yang Excess

Another diagnostic theory is referred to as “The Five Elements”






It is believed that each human being is a compilation of all five elements. Although the ratios are uniquely customized to the individual, they must be within their particular range of balance to promote longstanding health. Find your dominant element here:

Five Elements Healing Practice | Balance Your Body And Mind (learnthefiveelements.com)


For your FIRST VISIT, be sure to allocate the proper reservation for initial assessment along with receiving an Acupuncture treatment.

It is necessary to sign a waiver and fill out a consultation form. You will be asked for past surgeries, medications, etc.

Communication is key. Each factor of your daily experiences and lifelong timeline can play an important roll in the overall puzzle which determines the diagnosis, and therefore, the most effective treatment plan.

It is TCM protocol for the Acupuncturist to take pulses from both wrists and view your tongue. These serve as organ maps to reveal your internal health.

Depending on the best acupoint prescription for your treatment, you may need to lay face up or face down. Also note that TCM is not the same as dry needling. Areas beyond the local complaint are often necessary to support the root of the symptom(s).

Single-use sterile needles are opened in front of you, prior to insertion. Number of needles utilized depends on the specific condition(s).

Needles are retained for approximately fifteen minutes.

Results often correlate to the duration and severity of conditions being treated. The acupuncturist will recommend follow-up appointments based on an individualized basis.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” - Lao Tzu